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Bahnstadt: Investing in sustainability
Bahnstadt is one of the largest urban development projects in Germany. read more

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City of Heidelberg
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69117 Heidelberg
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City's Administration Offices

Five men around the model of a new building (Photo: Rothe)

Development in Heidelberg

A City on the Move

Heidelberg is currently developing on a historically unprecedented scale. And it is pursuing ambitious goals. This is important, for ultimately it concerns the way people in Heidelberg will coexist in the future.

As a city, Heidelberg will continue to strive for social justice, environmental compatibility and economic success. A key part of its urban development is the systematic involvement of its citizens from an early stage. Alongside the major building and development projects relating to redevelopment sites and the Bahnstadt district, there are many other plans and projects of varying sizes.

Bahnstadt district (Photo: Buck)


Investing in sustainability

Bahnstadt is one of the largest urban development projects in Germany. With ​​116 hectares, the new district offers space for housing, research and development.
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Conversion areas of Heidelberg (Photo: Diemer)


Shaping change

After the withdrawal of the US Army, Heidelberg has the chance to utilise 180 hectares of space for new (digital) developments. Diverse neighborhoods will be created on the five sites available in the city.
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A yellow balloon in a room. (Photo: Dittmer)


Knowledge city of tomorrow

What will the 'science city' of the twenty-first century look like? Heidelberg’s International Building Exhibition (IBA) from the way.
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view of the Neuenheimer Feld (Photo: Rothe)


Im Neuenheimer Feld

The master plan process for Im Neuenheimer Feld will enable the city, the state and the university jointly to develop future prospects for the research and medicine campus.
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(Source: DKFZ; Picture: P. Rudolph)

Digital Heidelberg

Modern. Progressive. Now.

A "smart city" implements intelligent solutions for different areas of urban development by means of innovative technologies.
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Visualization of the Stadthalle after the renovation (picture: Waechter + Waechter Architekten)


Modernization as a hall of concerts and culture

The Stadthalle is home to lots of different events in Heidelberg since 1903. It has seen better days and has to be renovated. 
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design of the new convention center (picture: DEGELO Architekten)

Convention Center

The new conference venue in Bahnstadt

Conferences, congresses and conventions are regular events in Heidelberg as a city of science and knowledge. The new, state-of-the-art convention center will provide the perfect venue.
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